Hello world!

Nurturing Champions Blog is a place where Rapha Trust and its founder Dr T. A. Makoni will seek to hasten champions along the way by nurturing and empowering them. Welcome to the training ground of champions.

A young cub though it has all the potential to become the King of the Jungle is vulnerable when newly born, it therefore needs to be nurtured and protected until it is well groomed and well trained to go tackle the jungles alone.

Nurturing Champion Blog is a place for champions to be recognized, trained and nurtured to fulfill their God given dream and pursue their destiny. Its a place for the release of potential. Its the place to learn to roar. Its a place of watering your dreams to fruition.

I encourage you to engage in dialogue as we pursue the call and destiny of God upon our lives.

Check out our recent books: Nurturing Champions – a manual on mentorship and Entrepreneurship On Trial – a manual for entrepreneurs in the developing world from http://www.lulu.com

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