Mentorship needs to be based on some core principles — that are unchangeable. The older I get the more convinced I am that any meaningful passing on of values should be based on biblical principles because these have outlasted all other philosophies. According to Prof Steve Sample of University of Southern California in his book Contrarian leaders, every leaders should base his values ob some core texts which he calls super texts. These are not the new version of motivational books that have persisted over the centuries. On the top of his list is the Bible. I fully agree with him that in mentorship the Word of God has more to say to the human person than any other text. It is therefore critical in mentorship as far as is possible to base the principles and values on the word of God. The principles of the Bible have withstood the test of time. They have shaped nations and molded heroes. mentors draw form deep wells of enduring wisdom. I encourage mentors to drink deeply of the Word of God. Search the scriptures for yourself. As Solomon so aptly puts it, The mouth of the Lord pronounces wisdom and from his lips proceed knowledge. I would encourage every mentor to closely study the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiates. these are full of profound wisdom. Anchor your life on unchangeable core principles and mentor others on the basis of these.

Mentorship depends both on speaking powerful and unchangeable truths and living them out so that the mentor becomes an embodiment of the truths they teach. Every mentor should have a leadership story they tel and exhibit. people love stories that are loaded with truth and principles. So what is your story? What is it built on? Go ahead and tell your story based on the unchanging core values of the Bible.

One thought on “CorePrinciples”

  1. I think that is very essential to know what core beliefs a mentor has.
    They say there is a spirit behind each and every passion.
    We need to be careful that we align ourselves with mentors that are powered by the Spirit of the one and only living God.

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