Prayer for Zimbabwe

Cry the Beloved Country. Lately I have had Zimbabwe on my mind. Lord do it again. Visit our land afresh despite our mistakes and in spite of our own failures and regardless of our man made plans. Lord I ask you to silence the voices of those who speak doom upon our nation and frustrate and nullify the plans of those within and without who for selfish reasons would prefer the current economic crisis to persist. Oh my God I am amazed at the many people who work tirelessly within the nation and outside it to try and keep this economy down. There are some who are supposed to be stewards of the economy who deliberately sabotage the economic revival. Lord revive our land and heal our economy. My God we do not ask for what we deserve but we ask according to your mercy that you look with pity on our nation. We ask you hear the cries of desperation of our people. Lord you can turn this nation around. I ask you to raise people who will favour Zimbabwe’s cause in unexpected places. May those who seek to help do so out of a genuine heart for the people. Lord do it again! It is time Lord for you to turn and favour our nation again. Forgive our failures, sins and self sufficiency. I shout grace and grace upon our motherland. Speaking grace and mercy on the nation of Zimbabwe I declare restoration. In Jesus name!

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