Published Books

On this page we showcase Dr Makoni’s published books which are

1.  Nurturing Champions: Powerful Principles for Perpetuating Your Legacy. 2006 Rapha Trust.


This book is a powerful manual for mentorship. It gives practical guidance based on proven principles to both mentors and mentees. It tackles topics like: The case for mentorship, models of mentorship, psychology of mentorship, benefits of mentorship, dysfunctional mentorship, mentorship roles etc. This is a balanced and powerful book for enhancing your leadership skills.

Available at on following link:

– 2. Entrepreneurship on Trial: Entrepreneurial Principles and Concepts from Zimbabwean Banking Entrepreneurs. Rapha Trust 2011.

This powerful book traces the entrepreneurial journey of Zimbabwean bankers from 1995 up to 2005. It draws principles for entrepreneurs from four live case studies and some practical examples of the challenges that entrepreneurs in the Zimbabwean financial services had to endure. It deals with issues like the causes of the Zimbabwean banking crisis,  a brief historical background of Zimbabwean banking, four cases studies, entrepreneurial benefits to all stakeholders, managing growth, managing change, financial strategies of funding your start up etc.

The book targets MBA students, entrepreneurs, leaders and anyone interested in knowing how to start a business in a volatile environment.

Is available as either soft copy or hard copy from

and from Amazon at the following link

3. The Discipline of Giving: Towards a Practical and Biblical Theology of Giving Paperback

This book presents a coherent theology of giving, defends the biblical place for tithes. The other forms of giving discussed in detail from a biblical perspective are freewill giving, firstfruits, sacrificial giving and alms giving. It is both practical and theological in nature. This book is a just for every believer and more so should be in every pastor’s library. It is based on a study of both the scriptures and church life in Africa. I believe that this book is a manual for everyone serious about the end time harvest of souls and its resourcing.

Available at following link on Amazon:

4.  The Business of Prayer: A Call to a Serious Prayer Offensive

This book is a contribution to the call to increased prayer engagement. I believe God that the words of this book will reignite and/or inspire some battle weary saint to renewed vigour in pursuing God. I deliberately write from my primary gifting of a teaching pastor with the aim of calling the saints to engage in prayer with understanding. I am concerned at the Body of Christ when people focus on mindless prayer. The central theme of this book is that prayer is serious business. In this business there is a full arsenal of weapons that can be used to pray effectively. I attempt in this volume to expose different kinds of prayer. Some of the prayers covered include governmental prayers using decrees and declarations, clarifying speaking in tongues, the prayer of faith, binding and loosing, prayer of consecration etc. It makes a distinction between two forms of praying in tongues and two forms of speaking in tongues. Not all speaking in tongues is prayer. The book also highlights the need of patience being mixed in faith when people pray.

Available at at following link

For Zimbabwean residents: hard copies available at 125 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue Harare. Tel -4-7013427 or email USD20 per copy. A discount available for large purchases.


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